Error Pages on Blogshares

Last year they were late paying their bill. And now when you go to their website, they can't even afford their own error page.


Blogshares Falling of the Cliff

Blogshares' PageRank still slogging at a lowly 3.

When in its heyday, thousands of blogs were linking to Blogshares but now only a few hundred are bothering.

Sayonara, Assholes.

Oops. Did I just say something in an Asian Language? Now that's gotta piss Suburban Wolf and his minions off at Blogshares.

Latest word, they resent indexing any blogs from China.


There's Trouble for Ya.

Blogshares is having a little trouble paying their bills.


Google downgrades Blogshares

Blogshares PR rating is down to a measley 3. Can I hear an AWWWWW?

They've cleaned up their forums. They have deleted the most damning of racist posts. They fired Rantzalot and Berlin Bear. Smart Move.

But they are still bad news. I recommend that anyone who plays does not pay to play. That sort of corruption should never be rewarded.



I think there are links that should be added to heroes in the Blogshares Game.

There is CC, who was viciously attacked and her mother, Static Brain. These women may have been attacked as much for their political views as much for their medical problems.

CC also had a champion, Impeach Bush, who was suspended for speaking up. She broke no rules. No BSEC case was ever brought against her. But she upset those who were taunting CC, and those who'd taunted other disadvantaged players in the past.


Blog$hares Tanking!

Blog$hares, that much hyped game using blogs for companies and blog topics for industries, is losing popularity. Small wonder. Through verbal abuse and malicious, self-serving persecution, they've managed to drive off players in droves.